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Warm and Toasty Scene

Hello crafty friends! I don’t usually make scene cards because I find them really difficult to create and color, but I had this scene in my mind as soon as this Mama Elephant release came out so I gave it a go anyway and I think it worked out okay.

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Sentiment backdrop

Hello everyone! Today I have a fun technique to share to get more out of your sentiment stamps. I personally love to buy sentiment stampsets because you can use them on every card, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to justify the price when you know image stampsets include some sentiments as well. So this is an easy way to create a background using only sentiment stamps to get your money’s worth from them!

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Shadow Stamping

Hello everyone! Today I want to show you a bunch of cards I made with one very simple and very versatile technique. Shadow stamping is a super quick way to make your own patterned paper for your projects and can be used for almost any kind of card. I’m going to show you how you can do this with any stamps in your stash!

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Simple Slimline Birthday Cards

Hello everyone! I’m finally back with some simple but very cute slimline birthday cards. I really like vertical slimline card designs but I rarely do them myself. These adorable cirtters from My Favorite Things deserve a simple card with lots of white space so they can truly shine.

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MFT Sketch Challenge 501

Hey everyone! Today I decided to give the Sketch Challenge from My Favorite Things a go for the first time. This week’s sketch was a really fun stripe theme and I just couldn’t resist. I love simple cards with a lay out that’s just a little different and today’s card is just that.

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Challenge #1 – BONUS

Hello everyone! I promise this is the very last card in this challenge, there were only supposed to be seven, but this one is really simple and I had this idea from the beginning. It’s only because of Jennifer McGuire’s surprise gatefold tutorial that I have an extra card. This took me under half an hour to make but I think it turned out too well to not share it.

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Challenge #1 – Day 7

Hello everyone! As promised I have a fun fold card for you guys today as the grand finale to the 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set challenge. I was inspired by Jennifer McGuire’s latest video where she made a ton of Christmas cards (and a few others) that had this really fun gatefold design. Now I don’t have all the beautiful layering dies she used, but I wanted to show it’s a design you can really make your own with any dies you have.

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Challenge #1 – Day 6

Hello everyone! For today’s part of the 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set challenge I’ve got a round card for you guys. It’s super easy and uses some left over parts from day four that I’d have hated to see go to waste, so it was really quick to put together too. (But don’t worry I’m going to go over the whole process again so those of you who didn’t read the post of Day 4 don’t miss anything.)

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Challenge #1 – Day 5

Hello everyone! I’m back today with another card for the 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set challenge. Today’s project involves some white emboss resist and very loose watercoloring. It’s a super easy one that you can do with a lot of stamps in your stash and it doesn’t take much time at all. So let’s get into how I made this.

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Challenge #1 – Day 4

Hello everyone! I’m back with another card for the 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set challenge. Today I thought I’d do a simplified version of patterned paper piecing, which I’ve only done once before. This is a perfect project to use up some of your patterned paper scraps and because there’s no coloring, you can be done with this card pretty quickly, or make a couple of it. I actually ended up making four of these in no time.

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Challenge #1 – Day 3

Hello everyone! I have a very different card for you guys today in my 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set challenge. It’s a really colorful and simple one layer card. I was inspired by Cathy Zielske’s 10 minute design chat for crafty people about common margins. I had a lot of fun making this card and it was very easy to do, I can’t wait to make a ton of cards like this with different small stamps in my stash.

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Challenge #1 – Day 2

For today’s project, I chose to make a slimline card. As I mentioned in my introductory post on the 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set challenge, it’s easier to change up your designs when you change up the shape or size of your card base. So that’s exactly what I did.

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Challenge #1 – Day 1

For the challenge 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set, I’m challenging myself to make a different card every single day for one week using only one stamp set. The Stems and Sprigs stamp set by Mama Elephant.

This stamp set was a bit of an impulse buy for me, and I only had one idea for it. The one everyone was posting on social media with the lovely tiny envelope from their Botanic Envelope creative cuts. Sadly those dies were sold out when I bought the stamp. I still managed to replicate something like it using my envelope punch board from We R Memory Keepers.

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Challenge #1 – 1 Week, 1 Stamp Set

Let’s kick off the blog with the very first challenge!

For 1 Week, 1 stamp set I want you to choose a stamp set and create a card with it every day for a week. You can use any number of additional materials, any medium, anything. But the stamp set you choose needs to be an important part of the cards you make.

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