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In this category you can find all the blog posts describing how I made a card from start to finish. The easy ones, the clean and simple ones, the frustrating interactive ones… every card will get a step by step tutorial here.

Each post will have a list at the bottom detailing all the supplies I used.


Whenever I try an interesting technique I’ll take you along for the ride here. I’m no Jennifer McGuire, but I try my best. This category is for giving specific tips and tricks instead of going into the composition of a card in depth.

If you’re curious about a specific technique, try the tag cloud or search bar down below.


I don’t know about you, but I get stuck in a rut sometimes when card making. Challenges are a great way to get you out of your comfort zone. Join me while I do cardmaking challenges or challenge myself to something new!

Feel free to join me and share your creations on instagram!


Cardmaker, paper crafter, and now blogger.